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Veso Ovcharov

It's always funny when Veso answers the phone with “sure it’s a good time to talk, I'm just flying over Sofia”. Veso Ovhcarov is a successful athlete with numerous records and awards in paragliding and Roobar was proudly flying on Veso’s wings

Veso never chooses his adventure destination by chance. He has conquered the air over many amazing places. His achievements include: flying among thousands of balloons in Cappadocia and enjoying the spectacular Dolomites. In 2014 and  2015 we partnered with him for a couple of projects including a breath-taking trip to Namibia where apart from conquering the sky, he was bringing Roobars to the local kids. Veso inspires us on a daily basis and our team follows his adventures closely for an extra boost of adrenaline and a daily confirmation that superheroes really have no limits!

 We wish him lots of luck on his next adventures and hope to partner with him again soon!