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Tristan "Momo" Aicardi

Do you remember those guys, which all of us watch with our hats down and wonder, what is the feeling to ride inside the beautiful water tube while the water splashes fondle your face? In another case, we just sit and wonder... are these guys crazy to travel to the other side of the planet, just to ride “the perfect wave”. Yes, they are. So is our man Tristan.

Tristan was born in Chile but he is a child of the ocean. From his young ages, he is dealing with the surfboard to reach the title “pro surfer”. But why “surfers” are a different breed of people? Do you know how they train their bodies? Kilometres of swimming daily, activities for holding their breaths, caring big rocks on the bottom of the ocean. If you want to be a professional surfer like Tristan you must be in perfect physical shape, to train every day of your life and to have the right amount of energy to deal with the water flow.