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Superheroes Wanted

What do stories about Superheroes teach us?Besides that you always get your love interest and that your enemy should never reveal his secret plan, of course. The stories teach us that every superhero stars as a regular person until he/she realizes his/her potential (or gets bitten by a spider, but we are not concerned with this storyline).

Why do we need Superheroes? Because we need inspiration. Because we know there are larger-than-life things, places to be explored, peaks to be conquered, breaths to be taken away. Because we believe everyone has a Superhero inside of them and with a little help and attention, they can achieve colossal things. Because we need to know that Superheroes exist outside of movies and comic books.

Where do we find Superheroes? We don’t perform tests or use fancy machines. We are not collaborating with crazy archnemesis who are looking for revenge. We meet our Superheroes in the mountain, running marathons, at vegan restaurants, somewhere out there. Or they find us.