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Krivankovi Family

No matter how high of a mountain you climb, no matter how fast you swim across the ocean, no matter what record you break — you’ve not achieved anything unless you have someone to share it with. But what happens, when the fellow human being you face all challenges with, is the person you share your life and home with—the person whom you have vowed to cherish and honor ‘till death do you part’? 

Ask Simona and Joseph Krivankovi. Champions in triathlon, hardcore athletes, and an extraordinarily happy family. Simona and Joseph have dedicated their whole lives to their development as athletes.  At the moment, they are traveling around the world, taking part in triathlons, which, believe me, they usually walk away from with medals. And I have statistics on my side to prove it. Since 2010, the Krivankovs have one more than forty — mostly gold — medals.