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Juan Pablo Niama Savonitti

There is no stopping Juan Pablo Niama Savonitti when he starts running. And is not only because of the name (“niama” means “no way” in Bulgarian). Juan started participating in Ultra Marathons only recently, but he takes his running seriously.

What makes Juan Superhero material? Well, he started running back in Argentina, where his journey began by taking place in a small race of 15 km 2900 m high in the mountain Cerro Champaqui. After that Juan spent 6 years traveling the world. He lived in the UK, Switzerland, and Italy. Juan has been traveling and searching for something. He found it once he started running. Juan is one of the rare individuals who runs not to get famous, to win or to catch something, but just because he loves doing it. His enthusiasm and joy are so contagious, we might be joining him in the park soon, where he is preparing for the next big races: Corfu Mountain Trail (91 km) in Greece, Istria Ultra Trail (160 km) in Croatia, and Tor des Geants (330 km) in Italy. In 2016 Juan ran the Bulgarian ultramarathons Vitosha100, Tryavna Ultra (141km), Persenk Ultra (160km), Pirin Ultra (150km) and he is planning on doing it again this year.