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Lyubomir Kostov

What takes extreme determination, uncanny concentration and phenomenal physical training? Not to mention intelligence and mental perseverance? Becoming a Superhero, of course. And with all these superpowers, you can be a Super Golfer. That’s what we’ve learned from Lyubomir Kostov. 

You will never guess he is just 20 years old if you see the list of his awards and championship participation. Lyubomir has even been awarded Olympic Scholarship for the Summer Olympic Games in Rio. In 2013 Lyubomir has been named “Best Young Sport Talent of Bulgaria” by the Eurofootball Chart. 
So why golf? As every other sport, golf takes a lot of training, tenacity and focus. But most of all it needs endurance. Both physically and mentally. You need to be able to control that unruly little ball. So how does our hero find a quality source to feed both his mind and body? Easy. He relies on Roobar during his intense training.