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Nutty Truffles with Pistachio

Raw Desserts

Chocolate truffles above all! They are so delicious that you will not even want to share. These energy balls contain raw chocolate and pistachios. We recommend you to make a double batch.


(for 10 balls)

100g Medjool dates, pitted
40g almond butter
30g pistachios, raw, chopped
1 Tbsp cacao powder, raw
a pinch of salt
extra cacao powder to cover well

Nutty Truffles with Pistachio



  • Mix all ingredients, except the pistachios, in a food processor.
  • Add the chopped pistachios to the mix.
  • Mix by hand, so that visible pieces of nuts remain.
  • Shape into balls.
  • Roll several times in the cacao powder.
Nutty Truffles with Pistachio