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Acai smoothie bowl

Made with Roobar

Smoothie bowl for breakfast is a nice way to start the day. It's best topped with fresh fruits & berries, chia & hemp seeds. Make it special and add some Roobiotic.


(1 portion)


1 banana
1/2 cup rice milk
2 tbsp almond protein
1/4 cup blueberries, frozen or fresh
1 tsp acai berry powder
pinch Bourbon vanilla


fresh fruits of your choice
1 Roobiotic Cacao Maca
chia seeds
coconut flakes, raw or toasted
hemp seeds, hulled

 Acai smoothie bowl


  • Blend together all ingredients. 
  • Pour into a nice bowl.
  • Cut the Roobiotic ball into small pieces.
  • Decorate with the fruits and seeds.
  • Serve and enjoy immediately.
 Acai smoothie bowl