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Roobars are sold in 50 markets on 6 continents and still growing. Our main selling channels are organic and convenience stores, supermarkets, the sports & fitness channel, petrol stations, vending machines. We are excited to get in touch with current and potential distributors, partners and stores. We offer Private Label as well.

Production of raw bars


Roo Brands has a lot of experience in developing raw bars. If you are interested in starting your own line of raw products, please get in touch with us. All you have to do is to fill in the contact form at our Contact Page and choose Export from the dropdown menu. We will be happy to discuss your ideas.

Production of raw bars


Our POS materials have an innovative design that catches the eye and helps you save space.

  • RooBox displays

  • RooBox Stand

  • Roobar T-shirts

  • Roobar Posters

  • Roobar superhero stickers



Let your customers pick their favorite Roobar taste in your store – it is the fastest way to energize the sales! We have developed sample size "mini" Roobars and a holder for them in the form of a sphere that helps you save time and effort. The important information for the bars is already written on the sleeve of the sphere. 




Тук можеш да намериш всички Roobar материали, от които се нуждае бизнесът ти – постери, брошури,профили на продукти и стелажи, лого, снимки, банери. Документите са достъпни и отворени за всички, а ако не намираш нещо, можеш да питаш за допълнители материали.