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Roo­bar Takes Over America

After we made our first appearance outside Europe at SIAL China 2014, where we earned our first big international prize, determined and bold like true explorers we crossed the Atlantic Ocean and visited the biggest fair for organic products on the American East Coast – Natural Products Expo East 2014. We landed in Baltimore full of excitement and awe. After all, America is the place for organic raw bars. In the beginning, nobody knew about us – we were just another raw bar with colorful packaging, one of the 130 other raw bar brands in America. But soon there was an unexpected turn. Among all the well-known American brands, it was Roobar that was nominated for the most innovative product at the fair. Moreover, the 22,000 visitors who never knew about us, chose Roobar for the second prize in the Organic Showcase category! The visitors specifically searched for us, curious to sample these new, hip Bulgarian raw bars that everyone was talking about. In the land of organic products, it was Roobar that received acknowledgement for original taste and remarkable design.