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Chili, Baobab and Mul­berry, one tasty trio

2014 was a blast. While our competition was slowly sliding back into working pace, we were already 3 steps ahead – our extravagant 3 flavors were way beyond the concept phase, but still not ready to get out there. So different and yet so complimentary – the wild Chili, the laid-back Baobab, and the delicate princess Mulberry. No wonder we were in a hurry, our second BioFach – The Show in our industry was just around the corner. We were right on time for the show – we hit the right recipe a week in advance and didn’t even have enough time to get the bars in their shiny wrappers. This time we were expected, awaited, sought for. The Roobar eyes around the corner called for enthusiastic “There you are” exclamations. They eagerly welcomed the new members of the Roo gang. Chili, Baobab and Mulberry still remain the “Love it or leave it” recruits on our team – you either click or you don’t. Yet when you do, you know you’ve found just the right Roobar for you.  This year, the superheroes settled in their fans’ hearths for one more reason – it was the first time the cool superhero stickers started finding their way around town. They took a stroll around BioFach and each and every one of the 42000 visitors had the chance to take his favorite gang member. We came back from the show with a finding of our own – that Scandinavian people are experimentalist by nature. They went crazy for Chili and it got a nickname – our Nordic rebel Roobar.