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raw superfood bar

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It's super simple

4 to 5 ingredients – superfoods, dried fruits, and nuts. Roobar is organic, vegan, raw awesomeness with no added sugar and no gluten. Each bar is packed with superfoods to boost your body and mind with maximum nutrients. Simple and delicious.

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The last week we got together at Betahaus to celebrate the launching of our new super cool brand – Kookie Cat. It was a very ins...

Do it yourself!

  "These are the recipes that I prepare at home. They inspire me to stay on the lookout for new tastes and to...

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Lime and chocolate coconut truffle

No added sugar

You are sweet enough already

Eat Real Food Feel Real Good

DIY Roo­bar Workshop

Everyone should be able to make his own Roobar, because Roobars are a trend. After all, it really is an impossible secret to hold, bec...

Roobar superheroes!

From the desert of Namibia to the cold Antarctica, Roobar superheroes have challenged their boundaries and have reached the peak of th...

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Roobars are sold in 46 markets on 4 continents and still growing. Our main selling channels are organic and convenience stores, superm...